6 mile hike through Haworth and Stanbury

IMG_6610On a day when the temperature in Hebden Bridge was going to soar into the 80’s I decided to go for a hike. I took the bus up across the moors to Haworth and had planned on having a light lunch in my favourite tea shop, but there was absolutely no shade in Haworth’s main street so I had a glass of lemonade, picked up a pastie from the vegan pastie shop and headed out towards Stanbury, thus avoiding all the tourists in the centre of town, close to the parsonage. I met a few other idiots like myself hiking along the footpaths out towards the dam and the Friendly pub where I’d celebrated my birthday.

I ended up doing a shorter walk than I’d planned, and I was grateful for an icecream once I’d got back into Haworth. I sat in the graveyard and enjoyed the peace and quiet before returning back to Hebden on the bus.

Too hot for this little kitty in Haworth.


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  1. shazza

    I actually find myself wishing it would rain now ~maybe through the night though. 😉. Haven’t had weather like this since I was a kid I think.

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