Halifax Concert Band had been going to record a CD during the winter but that weekend all the roads over the Pennines were closed due to snow, so our recording weekend had to be postponed. Now it was upon us: Thursday and Friday evening, and all day Saturday. Our ‘studio’ was St Mark’s church in Siddal, just out of the centre of Halifax. Our sound technician was fantastic, achieving just the right balance between serious work and frivolity. The weather was again very hot. I even bought a little hand held fan to cool me down! Sitting on the pews in a church for 8 hours wasn’t the most comfortable, but I really enjoyed myself. Having a picnic lunch outside was a situation that doesn’t happen often in Northern England. Of course, the heat has meant moor fires, and two massive fires have broken out in Saddleworth and Belmont. The army is helping to fight them.