Not bad for one day. Oh, and  I forgot the broken down train which is why I’m currently sitting on the station platform in Manchester where I’ve been for the last hour waiting for a replacement train.

This morning I gave a demonstration to 160 7-11 year olds showing them a recorder, a clarinet and piano. I played some little ditties, explained how to practice and had some of them come up to the front and bang on the keys to make animal sounds. I asked if anyone could name a composer. Dead silence! Then one bright spark shouted John Rutter. That just about knocked the socks off me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself which totally surprised me.  I was so pleased with myself I treated myself to a true English pancake with lemon and sugar from Halifax Borough market.

All a far cry from the other end of the day: a brilliant recital by Stephen Hough who is fast becoming my favourite pianist. Loved his shoes, too. Patent leather ballet flats with little ribbon bows.