A little nostalgia

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    A thousand people were present for this Monday lunchtime free concert



    Flugelhorn soloist is off to U C San Diego to do a Masters in composition


    Trombone sextet


    My fellow Meetup member did a couple of drawings of one of the audience during the music.


    He was delighted with the outcome!

  • Since it’s half term this week my regular weekly events, art class, chatty crochet and choir, have all been cancelled so that gave me the opportunity to reconnect with a Meetup group and go to Leeds Town Hall for a recital by Huddersfield University Brass band and he resident town hall organist. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into the Victoria Hall. The place was packed. I mean, this was a rainy Monday lunchtime concert. The Hall holds 1200 people so I judge there must have been 1000 people there! It certainly felt like it as the audience left the hall through the narrow winding hallways. We were packed like sardines still swimming in a tin. Huddersfield was one of my Alma matas so it was good to see their current band who are regarded highly. They looked SO young!

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  1. Pegatha

    Hi Heather!

    Just getting caught up and read everything, including most of the old letters from Feb 12th to today. So fascinating. You sure can find the most interesting nooks and corners and then dig right in. Great reading and gazing. Love the hiking views, and the old buildings.Prince Charles event, and so much more. Loved the library story. We just had a Salon here last night. Tatyana Rekow was here and asked me if I saw your latest photo…so I looked for it and found this treasure.

    You are an awesome communicator. How did you make the pictures for your quilt?

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