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Having spent the afternoon yesterday browsing through the Gibson documents I had found references to other buildings that Gibson owned, besides Lily Hall, so, waking up to  unexpected sunshine I jumped on a bus to Pecket Well, above Old Town. I took with me an Ordinance Survey map so that I could find some of these buildings. However, it was much, much colder on t’tops that I anticipated and the wild was so strong that I was in danger of being blown over, so I decided to stick to the road rather than the muddy/frozen farm tracks. Even so, every time I took my glove off to operate my camera I felt as if I was in danger of frostbite. It even hailed for a few minutes and the strong wind blew the tiny hailstones into my eyes – ouch.

But the views were fantastic. When I get out of the valley onto the hills with the scattered buildings that were once weavers’ cottages but are now farms I feel rejuvenated in the same way that  I feel about my trips to the desert of the American South West. And if I’m alone, I feel much more connected to the landscape. I think this must be why I’ve not been chomping at the bit to go away for the weekends or longer. Everywhere I go from my apartment is traveling to a brand new place, and exploring a new village or  new road on foot is just as new and exciting as a weekend in Paris or Rome. These photos show the landscape that I can walk to from my apartment.


Snow remains in sheltered spots

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Looking towards Stoodley Pike and Heptonstall church


The boat seems a bit optimistic


Love this ruined building

Below: The Hare and Hounds pub should really be called the Chicken and Pig, I think

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I wonder what happened to the owner


The first crocuses I’ve seen blooming


That’s correct. I can’t see any dog pooping near here


Coming back into town I can see that  I’m going to have to join a long line for Paul’s Fresh Fish – my Thursday treat. He brings it all the way from the port of Fleetwood every Thursday morning!


When I got home from the market I find a new level has been added to the building outside my window.