July 21 Meeting people by chance


I chatted with this lovely lady at my favorite coffee shop in Todmorden Market. We reminisced  about travelling through the Australian Outback – going to the underground church in Coober Pedy, Broken Hill, alice Springs. She’d emigrated to Sydney with he husband but after 8 years he was homesick for Yorkshire so they returned.


Quite a family get-together


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On an impulse I decided to get my hair restyled at Stone Art Hair. Ela is from Cypress and runs the shop with her brother who has styled hair and makeup for Brenda Blethin, Hugh Laurie and Wayne Rooney!


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Green Springs where one of my ancestors lived


View of the derelict canal in the center of Hebden Bridge in 1963


The bridge today . . . .


Same view in 1963


Not ready to go back to my mill I stopped at the shoulder of Mutton for a drink and a journal catch up. There I got talking to Ken who lives in Surrey but who has a narrow boat in Hebden Bridge and comes up a couple of times per month. His Danish friend  who was attending a child psychology conference in Manchester joined us.


The we went out for some excellent Thai food at the restaurant by the canal and ended up at the Trades Club later. I was surprised to find this photo posted on Twitter the next day.  . .  and  discover that the view from my kitchen window is of Ken’s boat!


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  1. Sarah

    Those photos from 1963 look as if they were taken in 1943! (minus the machine equipment) Even the man standing on the ‘pipe’ segments, or whatever they are, looks as if he’s from another time altogether.

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