July 22 Wrigley Buildings

It turns out that my Wrigley relatives built all this buildings between 1858 and 1895. And these are just a fraction that could could get to within half an hour’s walk from where I’m staying. I’m still researching it but it seems likely that they actually built the mill I’m staying in!

Then to the doggy obedience show in the park.


An ancestor kept the pub on the left. It was called the Black Bull, in Heptonstall. It’s currently being converted into two houses.


I was  invited  to go inside


This is the view from upstairs 


Bare stone and exposed beams


The lady who owns is and is converting it with the help of her nephew


I met Jose by chance in the cemetery. She was looking for Sylvia Plath’s grave and I was uncovering more family gravestones. She taught English Literature in high school, college and finally for the Open university. We had some refreshment in the White Lion.


  1. Sarah

    The view is just incredible. This is the day out you were sharing with me when we spoke last, right? If she opens it as a vacation rental, we have to stay there!
    Carol (double bass) says hello by the way- I saw her working as an usher at Beauty and the Beast tonight.

  2. hmcreativelady

    I think she’s going to have it as a house to rent . . . .um . . . . .

  3. Wobbley Bob

    what should I say?

  4. Wobbley Bob

    where are you?

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