I couldn’t find River Street on any map of Hebden Bridge. Yet my gt gt gt uncle, Farrar Whitham had lived there , at #2, in 1895. With the aid of Diana from the local historical society I located River Street. It is the underdwelling of Bridge Lanes. This path (above) is the only access to the house. From Bridge Lane the house appears to be 2 storey but from the path (called River Street) there is another level underneath. 


This is River Street. It didn’t seem such a good place to wander around alone, especially taking photos so I was delighted when a man approached me. ‘Do you live here?’ I asked. and he does. He’s the longest resident and has lived here for 40 years. He was able to tell me the more recent history of the building, how originally it had been two storey, then a third storey was added. About 40 years ago the whole block had been condemned as unfit for human habitation but a grant was given to renovate it and now many of the homes are single family dwellings spanning the entire 3 storeys. A doctor owns William Farrar’s house now but it is a second home for her. Barry agreed to tell his story on camera but for some reason my camera malfunctioned so I didn’t get it all. However, he invited me to Quiz Night at the Fox and Goose later that evening. 

[wpvideo ez8DL2ck]


Walking back to my mill from Quiz Night Bridge Lanes looked quite spooky. it’s only second time I’ve been out in the dark! It was after 11 when I left the pub.


Quiz Night at the Fox and Goose, a community owned pub – meaning you could buy shares in it! I ordered a beer and asked which room the quiz took place and I was told to sit ‘reet theer.’ And I found myself sitting next to Nina who I had sat next to at the Hepton Singers on Saturday night. Nina lives in Hebden and she was with Mike who was visiting from Brighton. They didn’t know about the quiz but I enlisted their considerable expertise, and together with Barry we formed the Passenger Pigeons team.

[wpvideo aoQFPsc7]

I’ve followed the progress of mummy duck and her 4 fluffy yellow duckings all week. This morning, however, there were only 3, and by the time I left to walk to the pub quiz there were only 2 ducklings in tow.


A spooky walk back through the deserted town.