I awoke to this scene . . . .

[wpvideo og0xKe4r]

. .  . so I decided to make it an ancestry research day. As luck would have it, or not, the library is closed on Tuesdays which meant that I stayed home to do my research online, which was ok but I’d rather be out and about. By 4 pm I was getting restless so I decided to go and check out in the field what I’d discovered.


After about 10 minutes’ walk I came upon this view of William Farrar’s underdwelling on River Street: it’s the house on the far right of the terrace.


Stairs provide access up and down the steep slopes.


A new discovery today was the fact that my 2nd cousin three times removed was the architect of this Catholic church no more than 10 minutes’ walk from my mill! It’s now converted into very nice apartments