I got to play the organ in Halifax Minster!

This wonderful church was the site of many of my ancestor’s weddings and baptisms. For the last day of their music festival the church invited anyone to join the choir rehearsal for evensong. I met Father Hillary, the vicar, and he conducted the rehearsal. I introduced myself to the organist who invited me to stay after the service if I’d like to ‘have a go’ on the organ, an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse!IMG_2203IMG_2206

Tea and cakes were, of course, served between the rehearsal and the service


With Graham, the organist and Father Hillary

[wpvideo hvQEpCep]

The person who recorded my video was a man who read the lessons, who just happened to be the person who had led the guided walk to King Cross a couple of days ago, and who I’d enlisted to help me with some ancestry research! As I was waiting at the bus stop after the service I was playing back the video (very quietly) when the man in front of me said,’I just heard that piece being performed in the Minster.’ ‘Were you singing in the choir?’ I asked. ‘No’ he smiled. ‘I was officiating at the service.’ ‘Sorry, I didn’t recognise you without your robes,’ I responded.

Here are two clips from our choir rehearsal: the young trebles are amazing.