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(Above) Our early morning visitor


(Above) A Muscovy duck welcomes visitors to the Visitors’ Centre.


(Above) Stoodley Pike is visible from all of Calderdale. Last year I bought a postcard of the monument and I’ve looked at it every day when I opened the fridge. Today, with Sarah’s encouragement we climbed to the Pike and ascended to the  viewing tower. 6 miles and 50 storeys.


(Above) I sang ‘sheep may safely graze’ to these sheep but for some reason they didn’t seem too impressed.


(Above) Ancient gateposts above Withins reservoir, and yes, the water really was that colour.


Spooky-looking farmhouse


(Above) Journal writing in The Lord Nelson at Luddendenfoot. This was the favourite tavern of Branwell Bronte. He wrote some of his poetry in this pub, and drank many a pint when he was working as a railway clerk at Luddenden station


(Above). A much-deserved pot of tea in the Lord Nelson after our strenuous hike to Stoodley Pike


Branwell’s hangout


Through the bartender in the White Lion in Heptonstall we managed to connect with with these three current residents of Lilly Hall, Heptonstall. My great great great grandparents lived there in 1841 and though William died in 1837 Sally, his wife,  gave birth to a baby girl, Elizabeth Ann three years later! Over the course of this last year I have discovered that Elizabeth Ann’s father was, in fact, James Wrigley, the man who lived in the other half of Lilly Hall. The Hall, probably built around 1770 is currently divided into 4 dwellings. We arranged to meet the current owners at Quiz Night in the White Lion – which began at 9:30 p.m and finished at 11:15 – a long day out!

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Picnic on’t’top, Soodley Pike. Ah, a British summer!


Careful you don’t fall into the sheep fold