June 21 Ted Hughes, Warley and Dean Clough


Attending a meeting of the Ted Hughes society. They are currently planning the  2018 festival to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the former poet laureate’s death. Two of the attendees are Literature professors at Huddersfield University, one of my alma maters.


Family connections? I have both Barracloughs and Gledhills in my ancestry.


Warley Town’s museum provided a lot of useful information- honestly


Home of Joseph Crossley who developed the largest carpet factory in the world. Several of my ancestors worked there


Heading for the Gibbet, last used in the 19th century


Logo model of the Crossley carpet factory where some of my ancestors worked


  1. judith

    I see Harrogate mentioned on the gravestone.

  2. hmcreativelady

    Yes! I have Gledhills and Barracloughs but I didn’t know the families married into each other.

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