Strategies for dealing with the collapse of the world as I know it:

  1. Go for a hike
  2. Take pretty pictures
  3. Find some connection with my ancestry
  4. Do some research
  5. Write a blog

Arthur Moss, one time owner of the Sportsman was related to me.

Arthur was born in Garden Square, Hebden Bridge, an area in the centre of town that no longer exists. He was one of 8 children born to Joseph Moss, a fustian cutter and in time Arthur entered the same business. The family lived for a time at Buttress Bottom, a collection of ramshackled dwellings. Milltown Memories describes it thus:

Most problematical of all was Buttress Brink, where occupants had to walk through a gloomy ground floor tunnel still lit by gas lamps, climb steep steps set into an almost vertical hillside, then cross bridges spanning the gaps between hillside and property. Needless to say the homes within boasted no modern amenities such as bathrooms and toilets; the kitchens, small and cramped, had only a single cold water tap over a stone sink.

By the time Arthur was 8 the family had moved just across the street to Royd Terrace. Arthur lived there until he married Mary Ann Sutcliffe at St John’s Halifax in 1893. 1895 sees Arthur and his new family, two children, in Mytholmroyd. 1904-1908 they were at 1 Bottom Laithe, Mytholmroyd

Taken about the time Buttress Brink on the left was demolished. (1967) Royd terrace is on the right of the steep lane named the Buttress.

Relationship to me!!!

Arthur Moss 1869-1927
1st cousin 1x removed of husband of 3rd cousin 2x removed

Joseph Moss 1834-1910
Father of Arthur Moss

James Moss jn 1804-1868
Father of Joseph Moss

Hague Moss 1824-1870
Son of James Moss jn

Abraham Moss 1859-1917
Son of Hague Moss

Walter Edward Moss 1888-1940
Son of Abraham Moss

Phyllis Wrigley-Moss 1893-1967
Wife of Walter Edward Moss

John Edward Wrigley 1863-1929
Father of Phyllis Wrigley-Moss

George Wrigley 1831-1900
Father of John Edward Wrigley

Thomas Wrigley 1809-1875
Father of George Wrigley

James Wrigley 1778-1846
Father of Thomas Wrigley

James Wrigley 1811-1886
Son of James Wrigley

Daughter of James Wrigley

JOHN NUTTON 1862-1934

Daughter of JOHN NUTTON

Jack Dean Denton 1920-1995

Heather Jacqueline Denton
You are the daughter of Jack Dean Denton