View of Stoodley Pike from the Long Causeway

Chicken drum stick

Time for a picnic . . .

. . . on t’ tops

Is this what Calderdale people mean when they say they’re going out for a Sunday morning drive?

Wheel rims

Grazing deer

Three sheets to the wind – Blackshaw Head

Pasture with a $1,000,000 view

Looking towards Bridestones

Fun weather vane, Blackshaw Head

Cross Stone Church, high above Todmorden, has been closed since 1979 because it’s slipping down the hillside. Many of the interior features, including a wonderful stained glass window, were purchased by an American but were lost when the ship carrying them sank!

Cross stone cemetery

View from the church


Rowan tree

Read carefully – and look up the lane. . .

Get it???

Toll House. So this steep path (1 in 17) was a toll road at one time.

When the bedrock interferes with your wall!