Saturday morning was spent at the Mytholmroyd Gala. I’ve been involved in a research project, funded by Manchester University, to find out if the rural areas of Calderdale are age friendly. Part of the project was to take photos depicting snippets of life in  this area that involve people over the age of 60. 4 of my photographs were selected for the exhibition which will now go on tour of the area.  The results of the research were presented at the International Festival of Public Health.


Photos on display


The mayoress’s entourage!

In the evening my song Lily Hall was given its first performance by a local choir which I accompany.IMG_6825


Singing choral evensong in Halifax Minster

On Sunday as part of Halifax Minster’s Summer Festival people were invited to join the choristers and participate in the singing of choral evensong. I’d gone to this event last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s an amazing experience to sit in the choir stalls and sing in this lovely building where so many of my ancestors were baptised and married. Our rehearsal was followed by tea and cake, before the actual service. These children are  choristers with amazing soprano voices. Top G? No problem! Singers of all ages gathered for tea. Unfortunately during the rehearsal the organ develped some technical problems because of the heat of the afternoon, but they were able to fix it before the service. After the service I thought I’d get a drink in the Piece hall before catching the train home, and i stumbled upon a TV recording session of The Antiques Roadshow. people had been queuing for several hours in the heat of the afternoon sun to have their precious possessions assessed by experts. of course, Fiona Bruce was on hand to meet and greet.


Fiona Bruce snacking!

Monday was a trip to Manchester with 5 other ladies. First of all, just on the spur of the moment I directed them to Manchester cathedral. Before my daughters had come to visit me in May I’d requested that 2 of the marriage registers showing the marriage of my ancestors  there in the 1820’s be put on display. However, we never got to go to see them.

So today I popped in, by chance found the chief archivist, who, within 10 minutes had


Marriage of my great great great grandparents, 1821


Marriage of my great great great great uncle and aunt, 1818

located the marriage registers and put them on display in the Cathedral’s museum, wow!  Then,  breakfast at Harvey Nichols, a trip around Manchester Central Library and  the


In the Portico Library – founded in 1806.

Portico Library and finally  an elegant afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel – where Rolls met Royce, no less!

Of course, a little window shopping was involved too! Lovely day out.


Harvey Nichols