My story of Greenwood Lee

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This amazing building, first built in the 11th century is currently for sale. I spent a wonderful morning there with the owner. She’s been approached by several film companies scouting for locations.


This gives an idea of its location –  way out on the moors

gibsons parents utside GL

The parents of the last Abraham Gibson (undated – courtesy of the Hebden Bridge History Society)


The current owner remembers when these servants’ bells were still in use. The last member of the Gibson family to own the house was Abraham Gibson who died in 1956. The house was offered to the National trust but they didn’t take it. The Trust did, however, taken on Gibson’s Mill, which is in the valley just below the house. it’s now a major tourist spot and I recall my mum talking about visiting it before she was married.

william gibson photo

iron fence barn

Beautiful gates inside the barn. The current owner has been raising baby peacocks and pheasants in here.



debris in croft house2 AM

Debris in Croft House which has now been moved to the archives

photo of Abraham Gibson

The last Abraham Gibson (there were 5 generations of them). From the HM historical society


I found these  in the archives. I visited Wainsgate chapel in 2017 – and had tea there!


viewing platform

Gibson has a rotating viewing platform constructed overlooking Hardcastle Crags and Gibson Mill


Gibson Mill today


View from main mill buildsing


Anna playing dress up in Gibson Mill


  1. Jacob Edwards

    This is a lovely piece of writing! this is my mums house, found this after searching the house to show a friend of mine!
    Great place to grow up!

    • hmcreativelady

      So was it your mum who showed me round Greenwood Lee?



  3. Kathryn Dennis

    This is the house that my nephews grow up in, my own children have fond memories of going to play with there cousins and exploring the house and the grounds.

  4. Kathy Howlett

    Hi, I am intrigued with the tenants of Greenwood Lee, as I have ancestors who lived there, as tenant farmers, Edmund (born 1835) and Isabella Clegg, 2nd Great Grandfather and Grandmother. I have a photograph of them sitting outside Greenwood Lee. 1911 census has Greenwood Lee as their abode. Also my grandmother, Mary Emma Isabella Greenwood and family lived there at some point. Mary’s address at the time of her marriage on 18 June 1919 was Greenwood Lee. Certainly the Greenwood family new Abraham Gibson and may have farmed as tenants for him. There’s no-one left in the family to find out.

  5. Helen E. Greenwood Johnson

    I am researching my family and have traced the Greenwood family back to Wyomarus de Greenwood and the little settlement of Greenwood. I am glad to see it still standing.

  6. Ella Winskill

    Are you aware of the planning application just submitted this week which intends on building a brand new huge structure right next to the Greenwood Lee House and on greenbelt land?! Application numbers 22/01094/LBC and 22/01093/HSE on calderdale planning portal!

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