Tony is stuck at the bottom of the hill waiting for a gritter he will open the post office as soon as he can get up x

 Has anyone else lost their mains water? Nowt coming from taps.

car snow

Heptonstall Road


It’s looking impassable at the moment from Hebden to Heptonstall unless you have a 4×4.

Make sure to knock on the door of those elderly are in need of help. 😀👍🏻

car snow2

I was on this road on the bus yesterday!


Lloyds bank in Hebden Bridge is closed , quite a few people braving the weather to get there , just thought it might help to know before you set off

                                   Towngate Tearoom

I’m snowed in on the opposite hill but I have staff trying to walk up to open the Tearoom so please call in for hot soup, hot chocolate and cakes…

halifax minster

Halifax minster


ATTENTION :- hello all just a warning Widdop Road is completely Cut off now due to drifting ! I’ve had to put up two girls over night trying to get over to Colne in a Ford Fiesta , just now have a fella called David in a blue 4×4 pick up knock on my door stuck in a snow drift widdop gate cottage becoming a rescue Center ! 😂 good job I did a big shop at the weekend lol

 Road up Colden is bad and buses now cancelled up here.

Buses from Halifax -Rochdale and Burnley now terminated too.

 Heptonstall Road is a death trap this morning-! Can’t even see a gritter getting up there  Its covered in drifts all the way down. Not looking good on the hill – except for skiing

Home now, been out cat sitting on foot, all kitties fed & cosy! 🐾😺

 If anyone has an elderly or vulnerable person who lives In Millbank they would like me to check on just ask…. I have walking boots & lots of free time, can’t do shopping as roads cut off & no shops but I’ve got a some bits if needed xx ️🌨⛄️

My wife’s done nothing but stare through the window since the snow started, if it gets any heavier I might have to let her in😍

Arriva Yorkshire Bus company

Special Announcement: Due to the adverse weather we will accept any bus tickets on Arriva services in Yorkshire regardless of if they were purchased for a First or Transdev services for example.As we have just agreed on this a lot of our drivers will be unaware of this offer until they return to their depot, but we are getting the message out as fast as we can.Stay safe and warm

Treacherous driving conditions up at Colden ,near Heptonstall.Still no buses yet ,gritter not been up either .Lots of kids at school that can’t get back yet xKeep safe .

mom snow 001

But I don’t think those photos compare to this one!!!! This is my mum digging a path out of our house in the winter of 1954. I’m in this photo too 🙂