I bought a ‘Halifax Courier.’ Here are a few articles that show what’s uppermost in the minds of local people – me included!IMG_8399


The McVitie’s factory is in Halifax


Movie making in central Halifax


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in Sowerby village, where my ancestors lived in the 1700’s


Nice to see music in school alive and thriving


What a headline!!!!


From the 1918 Halifax Courier

Part of my own research into my ancestors is trying to find out just what was going on around them in their daily lives. I don’t just want to list births, marriages and deaths. As I sat in the Bridgewater Hall last night listening to Joshua Bell and the Academy of St Martin’s in the Fields play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons I found myself wondering which of my ancestors were alive when Vivaldi was. Wouldn’t it be fun to intersperse my ‘Family Books’ that I’m writing with which composers were alive when my forefathers and foremothers were. Here’s a selection of events from the Hebden Bridge almanac of 1871 that I found in the town’s archives one cold, wet afternoon last week. IMG_8082img_8084.jpgimg_8083.jpgIMG_8084