It took me a little less than an hour to get to Huddersfield, where I had gone to college for a year in 1972. I don’t think I’ve ever been back since I left, and now i find myself going there twice within twenty fours hours – how strange! I had to change trains in Brighouse and I was very surprised to find that it’s only 19 minutes by train from Hebden Bridge, so that amazing Wetherspoon’s (former Methodist church) is quite accessible for an evening.


Huddersfield’s famous son – former Primer minister Harold Wilson.


Station bar is called The Head of Steam – quite lovely.


My first Meetup group in England

Ten people showed up for coffee and lunch at this Chatty Meetup group for the over 50’s. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations, ranging from recent movies, to The Pub Trail (in which this station cafe is featured) to deeper topics.

In the evening I had arranged to go to the annual Winter dinner of the Halifax Concert Band. I’d attended one rehearsal before Christmas but intend joining the group next week. IMG_7941Around 40 band members showed up. It’ll be a good networking experience, but of course, you can’t talk to your fellow players in rehearsals. I sat beside a friendly tuba player and soon discovered that two other people on my table work at the same school as David from Lily Hall. I love these coincidences. The food was very good – everything from Italian to Mexican. I asked our waiter to take a photo of our group and he included one of the other two waiters – very nice! Wore my new jacket and tried to go ‘British” so didn’t take an umbrella despite the storm – and I didn’t get wet! It works.IMG_7938 (1)