So there was nothing scheduled  on my calendar today. After spending a lovely day  walking to Todmorden  with Judith who came over from Harrogate yesterday I was quite happy to settle for a peaceful day. So, first things first. A quick trip round the Charity shops followed by a visit to the library. They are very strict on overdue books and I had  two due back today. If you are late they charge 5p per day! Horror! So armed with Wuthering Heights (which for some incongruous reason is kept in the Teen section) and Armistead Maupin’s The Night Listener I settled down to read. Then I remembered the Brie and Harrogate blue cheese I’d bought at the market on Thursday and so I that took me into the kitchen where my quilt looked at me and asked in a rather sad voice  ‘Why have you been neglecting me?’ I considered baring my soul to the fabric fragments but settled on placating it by beginning work on another scene –  Stoodley Pike. This kept me quiet for a while. Well, not exactly quiet since I was listening to George Martin’s string quartets, but you get the idea. When I’d got the general idea of the basic fabric design I sat down, but 5 minutes later decided I should jump on the next train to Halifax: I was out of Wunder Under, sometimes known as Fusible Web. I have to keep pinching myself. I don’t ever remember having this much freedom before. It’s rather exhilarating.

The Christmas lights have been strung up in the streets in Halifax but they won’r be turned on until later this month. As the assistant measured out 5 metres of Wunder Under I chatted. “Do you have any fabric I could use as stones?” I thought it was a long shot, and  the response, “yes, it’s just  here” took me by surprise. I wasn’t quite as lucky with “What about grass fabric?” though.

After a quick trip to Poundland (a place that Simon Armitage decries vociferously  in ‘All Points North) and Wilko’s, it was getting both cold and dark, so I opted for a warm-up in the Square Chapel. The scones looked delicious. I asked the bar-tender which beer might go with a scone, which for some strange reason he thought was highly amusing. I settled on a beer to drink then for one pound fifty, and a scone to go for three pounds fifty. Wow! As I sat enjoying my drink I browsed the What’s On brochures and discovered to my delight a flier for the Halifax Concert band – new members always welcome.

It was completely dark as I jumped on the next train back to Hebden just before 5 p.m. I looked up the band’s website. I’d even get to wear a uniform!


‘Stone’ fabric from the Fabberdashery


6 p.m.


10 p.m