We changed the clocks during the night, so we all had an extra hour in bed this morning. I awake to a beautiful sunny day but I knew that would mean it would be chilly outside. I’ve just worked out that because my central heating thermostat is mobile I can put on the heat in the morning without getting out of bed as long as I remember to put it on my bedside table in the evening. My living room is looking very cheerful with the new plants I just bought from the garden centre. IMG_6159


A quick trip to the market to see what was going on in town before the first annual Halloween festival got underway. Not sure I go for these fudge flavours.


I chatted to this lady for a while. this is broomstick knitting!



Stoodley Pike from Heptonstall


Kitty guarding the stocks in the village where my Wrigley and Nutton  ancestors were from


View from the Methodist chapel where John Wesley preached


The eye of the tree


Ruined church at sunset