The Straw Race at Oxenhope is a charity fundraising event in which teams race a two-and-a-half mile course from the Wagon and Horses carrying a bale of straw. Teams are set off at regular intervals and are timed, with the fastest team being the winners; however it’s not a straighforward run to the finish as competitors must stop at set points on the way to drink a pint of beer. Much of the route is uphill; the entrants must also expect to be doused with buckets or water-pistols, which may be welcome if it’s a hot day! Record breakers take around fifteen minutes to finish while laggards can take hours.All who complete the course are presented with a medal at the finishing line. Many competitors choose to race in fancy dress and while it’s a serious money-raiser the atmosphere is lighthearted and fun. The views of the surrounding countryside are spectacular!


When I got  back to Hebden Bridge THIS was happening!IMG_1840


A big difference in the way an American audience would be held at bay, the band cordoned off behind a barrier. Here, the audience get can up close to the performers. 



The band were joined by the Calderdale Youth brass band


They start them young here!


When I got back to my mill I heard music. I thought it was coming from the park, so I went out onto my balcony and saw this in next door’s garden


A choir rehearsing Georgian music!