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June 20 Bridestones


Doing laundry in the crypt!



Matchy matchy! I took a photo of Rachel in the same place – St Thomas’s, Heptonstall


At Bridestones – an outcrop of millstone grit where pagan weddings were once performed.


Looking up the Todmorden Valley towards Burnley

June 19 Salt’s Mill, Saltaire


Trying out a harpsichord in the Early Music Store, Salt’s Mill




(Above) Salt’s mill was once the largest factory in the world. It made wool cloth from alpaca. My great great great grandfather died from the effects of inhaling alpaca fibre.


Sunset over the canal outside our cottage


(Above) In the evening we had a great at The Friendly, a pub in Stanbury above Haworth where the Bronte sisters like to hike. Here’s Sarah in the beer garden.


The mill now holds a large collection of David Hockney art. I had to put on gloves to look at this gigantic book of his paintings.

June 18th

[wpvideo x61F3Dad]

View of the terraced garden from my bedroom window


It’s a scorcher in Hebden Bridge today. You can see the mill where I stayed last year

June 17

Sarah in conversation with a local:


In 1871 Harriet Vear lived here asa a domestic servant to retired paper manufacturer, Lawremce Harwood. At age 26 she married James Hill of the Hills of Turton ancestry lineage


In 1841 my great great great grandfather and his family lived in this house right above the river in Turton Bottoms.  He was a block printer in the calico works. It’s strange to realise that every Sunday when I walked to church (about 4 miles) I was actually passing the gable end of his house and didn’t know it.


My high school! A little different from the 2 roomed elementary school I attended in Affetside


Bolton School’s main gate


Very imposing


The Great Hall Barn at Rivington. According to Wikipedia it may date from the 9 – 13th century. It was used as a storeage barn and restored in 1905 by Lord Lever (who was the benefactor of Bolton School, and who bought Lewis Island in the Outer Hebrides and lived in Stornoway Castle which I visited last year). There were lots of table available inside but outside it was overflowing with people enjoying the unusually hot weather. It got  to 79 degrees – sweltering!

June 16th

14th century Turton Tower


Is this a toy train?


Wonderful grotesques


The newly refurbished Market Hall – now called The Marketplace, scene of where I got separated from my parents when they went to buy furniture when I was about 5 years old


Journal writing in Albert Square, Bolton, a place that Rachel knows well!


I have a lovely photo of  my mom sitting at this very table at the Last Drop, the place where I had my wedding reception


Sarah at the Last Drop, where her grandad and grandma took her the first time they met


Sarah adding a Father’s Day greeting to the Father’s Day tree in the Black bull in Edgworth

[wpvideo tUGbeaN3]

Playing piano in The Marketplace

June 15th


St Anne’s Turton where my parents were married in 1954 and I was married in 1978


St Anne’s


The font where I was baptised


I used to play the piano for the Sunday School here. Now it’s a beautiful house


What was once Barlow’s Institute is now ‘The Barlow.’ My parents had their wedding reception here. Now there’s a newly opened cafe.


The room where my parents’ wedding reception was.



Meat delivery to Whitehead’s Butchers in Edgworth


We just happened to come across the man who has been the organist at Affetside church since I was in the choir there as a seven year old. He also played the organ for my mum’s funeral at Four Lance Ends church. he must be the last person of his generation still living in the village


The room doubled as my elementary school room and the church. All the chairs would be taken out after the service on Sunday and replaced by desks for the upcoming school week. There were two classroom


Lovely evening light as we walk down the fields to 3rd bungalow

IMG_0704The newly paved road to my house – complete with the trees my dad and I planted when they were 1 inch high.


My daily walk to school – the building on the right

June 14th


Sarah with her grandma digging out of the snow in 1955 in my local hostelry – The Pack Horse


Looking across the fields to the house where I was born and lived until I went to university


The village toilet


Sitting on the old cross on Roman Watling Street in Affetside

[wpvideo 07zokArH]


Making new friends


Cotton grass on Holcombe Moor


Holding the Peel Tower in her hands. Robert Peel founded the police in England. They were called Bobbies, after Robert. He came from the tiny village of Holcombe and eventually became prime minister


Bolton’s tribute to the Manchester bombing  victims


In the front garden  – Clara 1, Clara 2 and Clara 3


Clough Head Farm

First Full Day in England, June 13th

[wpvideo yu4jaXMU]

Traffic outside Sarah’s house in Santa Cruz on Sunday morning

[wpvideo 4fnxVUh9]

Traffic outside Sarah’s room on Tuesday morning.

Whoops! The sheep got out and headed for the road. Farmer Houghton yells “Panic” hops on his bike to the rescue. The result? ‘Sheep may safely graze.’

Highlights of the day:


The grave of my grandparents and my dad. We found the flowers next to the grave.


With Amy , director of communications at All Souls where my great uncle was a campanologist.



In the belfry at All Souls. It’s been painted green by a volunteer using his own money. Unfortunately he’s used the wrong sort of paint and also obliterated the fine Victorian stencilling that used to adorn the walls. 


Sarah with her great grandparents in All Souls 


Dinner at the Strawbury Duck in Entwistle. When I was little the pub used to be called the Strawberry. Then a landlord with the name of Duxbury took it over and it was reborn as the Strawbury Duck! We ordered the pie of the week. It was the third pub we had driven to  to try and find dinner. It was Monday and most pubs don’t serve food on Mondays. I felt as if  it wasn’t quite a case of  no room at the inn, but rather no grub at the pub!


The road to my home on Watling Street, Affetside. The ‘Bungalow number 3’ sign has gone. (Not bad after a 19 hour journey and  zero sleep for 24 hours

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