First Full Day in England, June 13th

[wpvideo yu4jaXMU]

Traffic outside Sarah’s house in Santa Cruz on Sunday morning

[wpvideo 4fnxVUh9]

Traffic outside Sarah’s room on Tuesday morning.

Whoops! The sheep got out and headed for the road. Farmer Houghton yells “Panic” hops on his bike to the rescue. The result? ‘Sheep may safely graze.’

Highlights of the day:


The grave of my grandparents and my dad. We found the flowers next to the grave.


With Amy , director of communications at All Souls where my great uncle was a campanologist.



In the belfry at All Souls. It’s been painted green by a volunteer using his own money. Unfortunately he’s used the wrong sort of paint and also obliterated the fine Victorian stencilling that used to adorn the walls. 


Sarah with her great grandparents in All Souls 


Dinner at the Strawbury Duck in Entwistle. When I was little the pub used to be called the Strawberry. Then a landlord with the name of Duxbury took it over and it was reborn as the Strawbury Duck! We ordered the pie of the week. It was the third pub we had driven to  to try and find dinner. It was Monday and most pubs don’t serve food on Mondays. I felt as if  it wasn’t quite a case of  no room at the inn, but rather no grub at the pub!


The road to my home on Watling Street, Affetside. The ‘Bungalow number 3’ sign has gone. (Not bad after a 19 hour journey and  zero sleep for 24 hours


  1. Pegatha

    Hi Heather.
    It’s wonderful already. We love the sheep video..and you finding your home…so fast! and all the rest too.
    Pegatha and Paul

  2. judith

    Also, Souls of men why will ye scatter like a crowd of frightened sheep _ Hymn!
    F W Faber was born in 1814, and brought up as a Calvinist in Calverley, Yorkshire

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