A Day in Haworth

First we had coffee at Sauce in Hebden Bridge’s Town Square. There were lots of people around since today is the beginning of the week-long Arts festival. This year the theme is Hebden Water.


[wpvideo T6VuLVgR]

At the bus stop waiting to catch the bus to Haworth we got into conversation with this wonderful gentleman.

[wpvideo 7IOWq6QE]


I’m not sure what the Bronte family would have made of the  ’60’s weekend in their home village of Haworth  but Sarah and I had a good time. The Black Bull was Branwell’s favorite haunt when he was living at home in The Parsonage. The apothecary which supplied him with laudanum which brought about his early death at the age of 31 is still there. We had lunch in a cafe that had to close just after we were served because they were too busy to serve customers in a timely manner!





Then we headed for the church where the Brontes were buried, the parsonage where they lived and the school where they taught the local village children. A wedding was being held in all those venues. Here’s the beautiful bride leaving the photo shoot on the Parsonage steps and heading to the school (that Patrick built for Charlotte to teach in) for the wedding reception.

Back in Hebden I saw this great sign: