Tuesday 5:20 Innovation cafe, Hebden Bridge

IMG_8645.JPGSo a day without plans . .  . From my room I could see an imposing old hall across the valley, a little higher than my building so, around 11 a.m. 9a lazy morning writing up my blog) I headed up New Road which climbed steeply until I came to the hall. Despite the intermittent downpours there was an amazing view from this elevated position and I could just seen the window of my room peeking out between the trees. Still wanting to walk some more I walked the entirety of Palace Road where newer brick houses  and a few new IMG_8662stone houses delineate the extent of the town til 1900. I spent the afternoon trying to make an imovie of my day trip to St Kilda (which, incidentally, is still the only day that I haven’t written about). Around 5 p.m. I headed out for some air and to stretch my legs which is why at 5:20 you find me sitting outside the Innovation cafe, the last customer before it closed. I firmed up my appointment with Jean Illingworth who is going to give me a personal tour of Sowerby on friday morning. She also has a friend, Maggie, a features editor who wants to meet with me. . . .

IMG_8658.JPGOn the way back to my house I found myself going to check out the Trades Club. When I was living a’t’mill I shied away from this place. It looked a bit dodgy from the outside. Chris said she’d been banned from it, but I was eager to find something to do this evening, and one of the bands was a Beatles cover band, so I thought I’d compare them to the Sun Kings in the Bay area. So I opened the grubby door, mounted the unclean steps and was overwhelmed by a strange smell . . .oh, that’s right. This place serves Himalayan food for 4 pounds each evening. I bought a ticket from the box office and took a look at the band doing a sound check. Moon Duo, the headliner is from San Francisco!

It might only have been 8 pounds to get in but a pint of cider was 4 pounds 10p (by far the most expensive I’ve had on the trip) – and it had fermented – ugh! The other two bands were Hey Bulldog (but no Beatles music tonight) and Goa Express. The place got packed as the night progressed and despite the ceiling fans it was uncomfortably hot in there. I left at 10:30 halfway through the last set and had literally to squeeze myself between people to make my exit.

I was glad of the flashlight on my iphone coming home else I would have found the steps and the key code very difficult, if not impossible.