June 10

Packing, unpacking, repacking, checking and double checkinpackingg, not to mention checking in! Just about ready to check out now. All this with the help and enthusiasm of Sarah by my side who somehow managed to make the whole thing fun 🙂

On the Ancestry front I had a wonderful email this morning from Marion,  a lady who lives in Burnley – 15 miles away from Hebden Bridge. She is related to Sarah Mortimer, my 5th great grandmother (1740-1782) through her husband’s family. Sarah and her husband, my 5th great grandfather, John Barraclough, were contemporaries of Mozart. Marion agrees that we should meet and do some visiting of our ancestors together. I hope that happens.

I’ve been unable to find out information about gaining access to Wakefield Prison where my great great grandfather, George Gledill, 1837-1889, was held courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Victoria for some years. It’s now England’s  top security prison and was originally built in 1594 and now houses a large number of murderers and sex offenders which has led it to be nick-named the Monster Mansion.  Charles Bronson is currently secured there. A Mulberry tree in the exercise yard has been linked to the song, ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush.’

passion flower

Passion flower in my garden today