The first thing I saw this morning out of my bedroom window was this traffic jam . .  . .

[wpvideo rDlqIC5Z]


Some of my ancestors had been married at the C of E church in Hebden Bridge. I’s never been in the church so I thought it would be interesting to attend a Sunday morning service. The vicar welcomed 2 visitors from ‘over the Atlantic’ so I raised my hand and added myself to his list!


This lady knew Affetside! In fact she told me that her grandmother had lived there. There was also a man who had been stationed in the Air Force base on Alameda, CA




Yes, playing the organ again

Lovely old print of the church surrounded by mills
After a cup of tea at the end of the service I went for lunch at Rendezvous where I had  delicious cauliflower and broccoli in a cheese sauce. I made it back t’ th’ mill just as Cilic and Federer were starting the Wimbledon final but it wasn’t the most thrilling match of the tournament. Nicola came upstairs to watch it with me. In the evening I went for a drink at the Shoulder of Mutton and Ian introduced me to his dogs, Charlie and Lulu. The bartender gave me the recipe for sticky toffee flavoured vodka – not a bad way to pass an hour!