It rained so heavily overnight that the constant noise on the skylight in my bedroom woke me up several times. I’d planned to go to two cemeteries in Heptonstall so fortunately the rain had stopped by the time I left at 10 a.m.


It was cold, wet and windy  but I uncovered three of the four gravestones I was seeking: James Wrigley  of Heptonstall d 1846, his wife, Mally, 1858, ( my gt gt gt gt grandparents)t heir son Thomas (my gt gt gt uncle) of Hebden Bridge d 1875 and his wife Susey d 1886


James Farrar Whitham d 1901, Elizabeth d 1907, Sarah Hannah, d 1923 and William Farrar Whitham 1924


Farrar Whitham was living in Heptonstall  ‘under arch’ in 1895. I couldn’t find that on any map so I asked the man who runs the Post Office. He stepped outside his little shop and pointed to ‘the arch’ through which are some ancient cottages. Interestingly, this building is actually joined to The Old Dairy where Rachel and I stayed two years ago!



Cottages ‘under arch.’


View from Lily Hall


Cross Lane cemetery, Heptonstall. The Methodist chapel was demolished in 1960 but the graveyard remains.


Grave of Sarah Wrigley and Thomas Henry Wrigley