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We began the day by hacking a path through the overgrown path. Well, Judith did the hacking.  It wasn’t quite the Wasatch Mountains of Eastern Nevada, but Judith went armed IMG_7110with a big stick and gardening shears to clear a way through the shoulder  high brambles and nettles. We walked along the River Nidd, over stiles, past bunnies, through a field full of very inquisitive cattle and past beautiful farmhouses. Over the ancient packhorse bridge where the monks of Fountains Abbey would have walked we spotted a farmer bailing hay.



After lunch, a great cheese and tomato toastie, we sat back and watched the Wimbledon men’s finals. Judith even brought out strawberries and cream halfway through the match.  She was down at Wimbledon earlier in the week with her god-daughter but unfortunately rain stopped much of the play during their visit. Andy Murray was the winner, in 3 sets.

IMG_7139It had been a mixed bag of weather  in Birstwith during the game – very heavy rain one minute and bright sunshine the next, so I suggested we take a Sunday afternoon drive to watch the clouds. We were out for an hour and saw lots of very big puddles on the hill roads – and a rainbow. The landscape reminded me of the Cotswolds – very pretty, but maybe not much going on. I got some lovely sky photos though.

After tea I watched the UEFA cup final which went to extra time, Portugal beating France 1-0. Ronaldo was injured in the first 15 minutes and had to leave the game, heart broken. It was a devastating defeat though, for the home team.