The day began with a series of frustrations. My phone SIM card was out of data even though I had topped it up only 2 days ago. I tried to book a ticket for Black Dyke Mills band’s performance in Halifax Minster but was told that I’d have to come to the minster to purchase a ticket, even though their website said that tickets were available by phone. My pin number for my Lloyd’s bank card has still not arrived, even though 10 days ago the bank told me it would arrive in 5 days. Still, looking on the positive side, I’ve been here for 9 days  without reality kicking in 🙂

A half hour rain journey brought me to  Bradford. I remember my mother-in-law really liking Bradford and its museums. I was there to see an organ recital at the cathedral. In the railway station 4 displays stood side-by-side featuring Bradford’s best-known sons and daughters: David Hockney, the BrontĂ«s, Titus Salt and Black Dyke Mills band. I hadn’t reckoned on the piped music in the station bathroom being brass band music!

I asked two passers-by which direction was the cathedral but neither knew – interesting. I followed my nose and found it. I doesn’t have the dominating effect that most cathedrals hold in a city center. I knew there was a buffet for 3 pounds that preceded the weekly recital but I hadn’t expect it to be so extravagant.

The young organist , 27, was Richard Brasier,  a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has a wide reputation for producing “brilliant”, “inspiring” and “top notch” performances, and is quickly establishing himself as “one of the most dynamic young organists of his generation.” And he was amazing. He played 20th century music – Vierne, Rousseau and Durufle. Martin Waters was just putting the finishing touches to his art installation: ‘Fallen’ a poppy installation commemorating the centenary of the Bradford  Pals’ Battle of the Somme using thousands of British Legion poppies. ‘As I walked through this beautiful building the words of the old memorials echo in my thoughts, solemn and sad yet heroic and commemorated, lost but still loved.’ A table was filled with What’s on brochures. One invited anyone interested to work on a tapestry that will go on display in the cathedral. I hope I can do that. Across the street was Kalasangam, a gallery of South Asian intercultural arts. A particularly liked this interactive dance display: Can you spot me?

[wpvideo B4xvJJyC]


I called at the Tourist information center and asked what they would recommend I see during the next hour. I helpful man directed me to the fountains (directly outside the magistrates’ court) where I spent a half hour watching the frolicking. I also checked out a large shopping mall in the city center.

IMG_5361-2In the evening the special light was bringing its warmth to the canal so I took a stroll for half an hour, timing my dinner perfectly for the Ireland v Italy UEFA soccer game. Chris got very excited during the game despite claiming she never watches it.