Sarah in conversation with a local:


In 1871 Harriet Vear lived here asa a domestic servant to retired paper manufacturer, Lawremce Harwood. At age 26 she married James Hill of the Hills of Turton ancestry lineage


In 1841 my great great great grandfather and his family lived in this house right above the river in Turton Bottoms.  He was a block printer in the calico works. It’s strange to realise that every Sunday when I walked to church (about 4 miles) I was actually passing the gable end of his house and didn’t know it.


My high school! A little different from the 2 roomed elementary school I attended in Affetside


Bolton School’s main gate


Very imposing


The Great Hall Barn at Rivington. According to Wikipedia it may date from the 9 – 13th century. It was used as a storeage barn and restored in 1905 by Lord Lever (who was the benefactor of Bolton School, and who bought Lewis Island in the Outer Hebrides and lived in Stornoway Castle which I visited last year). There were lots of table available inside but outside it was overflowing with people enjoying the unusually hot weather. It got  to 79 degrees – sweltering!