Settling in after a 22 hour journey


Sound of a brass band  next morning got us running out of the house to see what was a- happenin’. It was the Hebden Bridge brass band playing for the march to the cenotaph for the remembrance Sunday parade


Then the bus up to Heptonstall for my favourite views down into the valley. It was barely above freezing with a strong bitterly cold Northerly wind blasting in right from the Arctic. The buildings below look like  a tiny model village.

[wpvideo Qtmaw7ya]

The bells of the ‘new’ church were ringing for Remembrance Day


Anna paying a visit to her great, great, great, great, great grandparents , James and Mally Wrigley –  so fitting for Remembrance Sunday. 


And now I have each daughter photographed in front of the same pillar in Heptonstall old church.


We did a 7 mile hike to gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags. Despite the freezing temperature the cafe inside was packed – we had a wait in line! Other, more braver souls, were picnicing on the outside tables. We remarked on the many, many young children out with their parents on this sunny Sunday afternoon.  


My mum used to visit this former mill which became a tourist destination in the early part of the last century. It even had a roller skating rink inside. Anna is playing dress-up. Behind her is the pulley system for lifting bales of wool – just like in the ceiling of my apartment’s kitchen.


Lovely autumn colours


Reaching Hebden Bridge


A well-earned drink  – open mic in the White Duck (sorry, White Swan!)